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1. We are a Husband and Wife team; Didier and Rosalind (Roz) Pedron. We've been married for 1 year. 

2. Together, we speak a total of 8 languages. 

3. Didier is Tahitian, Roz is Samoan.

4. We love traveling! Combined, we've traveled

 to around 14 countries.

5. We started photography professionally in 2023.

6. We met in the Philippines, attended University together in Hawaii, and married in Tahiti.

7. Didier is the funny one (Roz is the funnier one).



My name is Didier Pedron, and I was born and raised in Tahiti, French Polynesia. I am majoring in Business Marketing and minoring in Exercise & Sports Science and Samoan Language Studies. 


Having been raised in Tahiti, my small island beginnings have helped me to appreciate the small moments in life. that often make the most significant difference.

I've had the privilege of working at the Polynesian Cultural Center for the past 3 years and am now in the marketing department. 

Photography, to me, has often felt like opening portals to different worlds. Every person, place, story, and experience offers a different world to discover. I hope to capture as many worlds as possible, including yours too.



My name is Roz. I am Samoan, born in Auckland, New Zealand, and raised in Sydney, Australia. I am majoring in Political Science and Pacific Studies and minoring in Samoan Language Studies.

I'm the youngest of three, with two older brothers, Ezra and Sama Malolo. My parents, Lafoga and Joana, are two of my biggest heroes. My nana, Lilly Leuluai, is one of my favorite people in this world. If it isn't obvious already — my āiga (family) is everything to me. 

Being Samoan and having lived in New Zealand, Australia, and now Hawaii, I take pride in my Pacific roots. I love my ocean of islands. 

For me, photography is my way of preserving and documenting my people's stories, traditions, cultures, and lives. 



Since we first started taking photos in the Fall of 2022, to officially launching our Photography venture in August 2023, here are some of our most memorable milestones so far:

  • We've had the opportunity to take pictures for VIPs, including Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa, Pacific reggae band Common Kings, well-known religious leaders, and more. 

  • Our photos have been featured on the Church News website.

  • While we took photos of many families, our largest extended family photoshoot included 60 people.

  • Didier is now a part of the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) Marketing Team as a social media specialist. As part of this team, we've been able to photograph key events such as the PCC 60th Anniversary and more.

  • Photographed World Fireknife Competitions

  • We've been blessed with the opportunity to expand our equipment, providing you with a more valuable experience.


To see more, feel free to browse through our highlights tab to view some of our favorite projects. 

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